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note STATS:

Real Name:
Ra McGuire and Brian Smith
Canada's Greatest Rock Band

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Official Web Site at

note What makes *TROOPER* the best...
You have to see them live. They have as much fun as the audience. Watch Smitty's face when he plays guitar.

They care about their fans. They come out and sign autographs every time. They're not arrogant like other rock stars. They party with their fans.

They sound better every time I hear them. I've been a fan since the beginning. Ra still hits those high notes. It makes my jaw drop in awe.

Canadian LEGENDS.
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Official Hot Shots site
note Trooper Discography

"Trooper" (1975) A great debut with songs like GENERAL HAND GRENADE and BABY WONCHA PLEASE COME HOME.
"Two For the Show" (1976) Songs include the title song, SANTA MARIA, and the awesome BOYS IN THE BRIGHT WHITE SPORTS CAR (a MUST for cruisin')
"Knock Em Dead Kid" (1977) One of my favorites with the title song, WE'RE HERE FOR A GOOD TIME, and PRETTY LADY.
"Thick as Thieves" (1978) This has RAISE A LITTLE HELL. The best rock song of all time!!
"Flying Colors" (1979) The best on here is 3 DRESSED UP AS A 9. (I know a girl like that)
"Hot Shots" (1979) The undeniable best rock album in my collection. Every song is great. You can't be a Canadian unless you own this album. It's in our citizenship laws.
"Untitled" (1980) Has LEGEND, REAL CANADIANS, and my wife's favorite VOLUNTEER VICTIMS.
"Money Talks" (1982) Has the awesome ONLY A FOOL, IT COMES AND IT GOES, and LOOKIN' FOR TROUBLE.
"Last of the Gypsies" (1989) Excellent title song, BOY WITH A BEAT (again, a must for cruisin'), and THIN WHITE LINE
"Ten" (1991) THE AMERICAN DREAM is right on! My wife loves STOP THINKIN'

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